The Church of Saint-Elie, located in the town of Bhamdoun, was built in 1950 under the direction of Father Joseph Assaf, Maronite priest. After being destroyed during the Shuf War in September 1983, it was entirely rebuilt by Father Joseph and inaugurated in 2014, on the day of the parish feast. But in the meantime, many Christian families have preferred exile and exodus to war. This is an alarming situation for Father Bakhos, successor of Father Joseph.

Father Bakhos, priest in charge of the Church of Saint Elie

The parish and I are grateful to the association SOS Chrétiens d'Orient for their valuable help. The installation of the air conditioning and heating system in the church will attract more people in winter and summer and keep a parish alive. Our goal is to revive the Christian presence in Mount Lebanon, where coexistence between Christians and Druze is crucial.

The Church of Saint-Elie in Bhamdoun is today the only guarantor of the presence of the last Christian families in the city. However, heavy weather and extreme temperatures have a heavy impact on the church attendance. Between periods of intense heat in summer and intense cold in winter, "it is to be feared that many of the faithful will soon leave." William, official of the town hall. "Too many Christians fled during the war, it must stop. We have to make people stay here and bring back those who left," he sighs.

Thanks to the donors, SOS Chrétiens d'Orient has already provided the equipment necessary to cool the church during the summer and to warm it during the winter. Work is progressing fast, but much remains to be done, especially for the electrical installation.

Through its renovation, this place of worship, a symbol of an inalterable presence of the Christian community of Bhamdoun, can stem the mass exodus of an entire community.

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient participates in the renovation of the church for an amount of 6000 euros. You too, take part in this project in order to maintain Christians in the city of Bhamdoun.



Volunteering is a commitment for a defined period. The volunteer is committed to a mission to serve others. To volunteer at SOS Chrétiens d’Orient you must:

- be older than 18 years old

- stay for a minimum for 1 month

- being in good physical shape

- have parental agreement for a possible departure

"I ask you to be revolutionary. Have the courage to go to counter-current. And also have the courage to be happy!" Pope Francis, July 28, speech to the volunteers of the WYD, Rio de Janeiro.

"I ask you to be revolutionaries. Have the courage to go against the grain. And have the courage to be happy!"

Pope Francis,

July 28, speech to WYD volunteers, Rio de Janeiro.