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Find out about the geopolitical and humanitarian situation in our mission countries through our articles and testimonies from the field.

At the heart of the action

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient is present in eight countries where Christian minorities are persecuted, discriminated against or even threatened with extinction. The association has created an original model based on a permanent presence among the populations. Since its creation, 2,500 volunteers have been deployed in the mission countries to provide material aid and moral support to the poorest families.

In a hundred or so towns and villages in the East, the association is directly involved in the field and manages all projects in cooperation with local partners in order to guarantee the proper use of the funds provided by all its donors.

where we work


Supporting the reconstruction of Nineveh Plain and the return of families.

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Helping families crucified by international economic sanctions.

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Supporting a people impoverished by a triple crisis.

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Providing emergency aid to Iraqi Christian refugees in Amman and Jordanian Christians.

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Helping the poorest families of garbage collectors, the descendants of the first Christians.

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Helping children and seminarians threatened by civil war.

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Freeing Pakistani Christian families from economic slavery.

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Helping displaced people in Artsakh and the poorest Armenian families.

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Nos actions

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient responds to moral and material distress with concrete action. The association intervenes in six main areas and, in the event of a crisis, rapidly mobilises teams to help the most vulnerable.

Upcoming Events


Conférence-Versailles “Il faut sauver les chrétiens d’Orient – 23 septembre 2023

Conférence “Il faut sauver les chrétiens d’Orient” par François-Xavier Gicquel


Journées chouannes – Chiré en Montreuil avec SOS Chrétiens d’Orient

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient sera présente aux Journées Chouannes


10 ans de SOS Chrétiens d’Orient – Colloque – gala et Messe d’action de grâce

Pour ses 10 ans, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient vous convie à 3 évènements.

Christians in the East

The Middle East saw the birth of the first disciples of Christ. In Jerusalem, Antioch and Damascus, the original Christian communities were formed, with their specific traditions, languages, cultures and faiths.

Thus, by Christians of the East we mean the faithful of the Churches of the Patriarchates of Alexandria (Copts), Antioch (Syriacs, Armenians, Maronites and Assyro-Chaldeans), to which are added the Greek-Melkite Catholics of the Middle East.

The Churches of the East thus form a plural and fragmented mosaic, resulting as much from theological disagreements on the nature of Christ as from political quarrels and even from translation errors.

Today, these Churches profess in unison one true God and true man.

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