Turkey - Kidnapping of the last two Christians of Meer.

EN - Thursday, 13 February 2020

Since January 11, Houmouz Diril (71) and his wife Simoni (65), both Chaldean Catholic, have been missing since their abduction by "armed men". They are the last Christians of the mountain village of Mehr, located in the province of Sirnak.

"We learned about the kidnapping of my parents on January 12th", said Father Adday Remzi Diril to the newspaper Mesopotamia News Agency. Chaldean Priest in Istanbul and son of the abducted couple, he is known for his valuable help to 7,000 Iraq Christian refugees displaced all over Turkey.

An investigation is underway; the da's office in Sirnak has issued a privacy order. "The Turkish authorities are in contact with my family. Dangerous weather conditions make research always failed”, said Father Diril.

The kidnapping of the couple questions the sustainability of the Christian presence in some Turkish provinces.

The news of the kidnapping fell shortly after the arrest of Father Aho Bilecen, a syriac monk from the monastery of sSaint Jacob and the two lay, Josef Yar and Musa Tastekin. Accused of "helping the PKK", they were finally released while waiting for their trial.

"I give food to the one who knock on my door, as my religion and philosophy want. I don't do it to help an organization, but to follow the precepts of my faith," would have said Father Aho.

Inspired by the text of Uzay Bulut, Turkish journalist, distinguished member of the Gatestone Institute.