Toroos Camp: a summit for young Armenian catholics.

In Arpeni’s mountains, above Gyumri, we all were gathered, in the night, around the fire that lit the land for our last day. Children did not want to leave their friends, the animators and the camp. They had a heavy heart by thinking about it. They danced and sang with all their hearts, they wanted to keep a very good memory of the camp until the end. Even the seminaries sang, clapped their hands, following the children and the traditional songs’ rhythm. The fire, in our midst, cracked and blazed. It was a splendid and jolly night.

Toroos Camp has a history that is rich. In the past, it was the place where soviet officers took their vacation. Nowadays, each summer, Christian Armenians from all the country gather for summer camps. But summer camps for children are not the only kind of summer activities organized in Toroos: families, seminaries and mass servers can make retreats and « World Youth of Armenian Catholic Days » took place here too. Volunteers of SOS Chrétiens d’Orient helped in these gatherings.
Thus, they discovered a wonderful landscape in which took place gorgeous events like in the morning the flag raising ceremony, Armenian masses, traditional dances and songs. They immediately fell in love with this place that amazed them so much.

After children summer camps, Christian families gathered in Toroos to make a retreat. We were invited to assist to a baby’s baptism. Then, there was seminaries and mass servers’ retreat. These men of God let us participate to their masses and their reading of the Word of God which were translated by Ikke and Petros, our new friends. We felt so close to them and shared so many great moments with them. At the end of July, Toroos was the place where World Youth of Armenian Catholic Days were entertained. The purpose of the big event is to gather Armenian people from all over the world. They came from Canadia, Russia, Georgia or Lebanon. Volunteers had the pleasure to live this great gathering of Armenians from all over the world and share marvelous prayer times with them.

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We need more volunteers to strongly locate SOS Chrétiens d’Orient in Armenia. Something has been launched in this beautiful country and we should maintain a presence.

We need your support, your help, your prayers, your presence to give our missions in Middle East more and more possibilities. Join us!



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