Emergency aid

Although SOS Chrétiens d’Orient is a long-term organisation, it must regularly deal with situations of crisis or immediate humanitarian distress. For several decades, Christians in the East have been facing problems that directly or indirectly threaten their existence.

The emergence and development of terrorist organisations such as Al Qaeda or the self-proclaimed Islamic State organisation have aggravated this phenomenon and caused mass humanitarian crises.

Since 2011, several million people have been forced to flee their own homes. In countries at war or unstable, governments can be overwhelmed by emergencies.

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient then implements actions adapted to the contexts with the aim of saving lives, alleviating suffering, ensuring the safety of people and meeting the basic needs of the affected populations in cooperation with the authorities and relevant actors.

The association helps the most vulnerable by providing emergency relief: water, food, shelter, basic equipment, hygiene products, heating, blankets, etc.

On site, the teams adapt to the weather, human and social constraints in order to distribute the aid in the best possible conditions. Our teams ensure the preservation of foodstuffs that are potentially exposed to high temperatures. In case of emergency, they provide blankets or space heaters to enable families to survive in the best possible conditions.