10 Pakistani families in need of emergency accommodation


Since August 2020, dozens of families in Derekabad in Multan district have had their mud houses destroyed by heavy monsoon rains.

Today, the affected families still have no place to live. While waiting for funds to build more solid houses, the parish administration has been providing them with accommodation in tents and supporting them with donations of food and medicine.

For more than two years now, women and children have been living in makeshift shelters where the region’s temperatures vary from over 40°C in summer to under 10°C in winter.


SOS Chrétiens d’Orient is supporting 10 homeless and jobless families in the village of Derekabad on the outskirts of Multan in Pakistan’s Punjab region, who were rescued in an emergency by the Church and the means at its disposal.

But despite the goodwill of the local Church, a year later, women and children are still living in tents because of the lack of means to build brick houses.

Winter is approaching and it is vital for these mothers and their children to be quickly sheltered from the coming cold. In addition to the danger of the harsh climate, these Christian families are also exposed to the danger of crime because they live in cloth houses.

With your help, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient hopes to rehouse and secure about a hundred women and children by January 2022…

Your donations in action

With 1500€, you build a house

With 4€, you buy a 50 kg bag of cement

With 47€, you finance the purchase of 1000 bricks

IT is time to act

Housing security is vital for Pakistani Christian families.

With just a few euros you can protect children and their mothers from Islamist attacks.

Give us the means to support the Christian community by building them a house.

Project initiator

Father Khan Paulus

The home must be an essential entity that binds the family together, a place where care is given and received.

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