Schooling a child of garbage collectors


The Egyptian population is very young! 60% of Egyptians are under 30 years old and the average age of the population is less than 25.

The illiteracy rate is still striking despite its decline year after year. This scourge obviously affects certain areas where poverty is so great that, despite parents’ desire to see their children go to school, any change is still impossible. Many children must therefore work to enable their families to support themselves. This is why education is one of the main priorities of SOS Chrétiens d’Orient in Egypt.

Without access to basic education, the dream of social advancement is not even possible and the fate of the poorest children is sealed in advance.

Key figures
3 slums supported
300 children concerned
3,33 children per woman in Egypt
1/5 Egyptian are illiterate


In view of the considerable cost of schooling for the poorest sections of the population, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient provides schooling for more than 300 children in three particularly poor neighbourhoods: the slum of 15 May, in the governorate of Cairo, the slum of Ezbet el Nakhl, in the governorate of Qaliubeyah, and the slum of Zawaida, in the governorate of Alexandria.

The joy and hope in the eyes of the parents as they see their children putting on their school bags or reading a foreign language is the result of your support and intervention. Without you, these children of garbage collectors would be forced to work on the streets and their only future would be a daily pile of rubbish.

Of course, there are still too many children who are not so lucky and we continue to appeal to your generosity so that we can open the doors of school to many more.

Your donations in action

With 11€, you finance the schooling of a child for a month in the slum of 15 May

With €4, you can give a schoolbag to a child in the slum of Zawaida

With 270€, you finance the schooling and school materials of a child for one school year at the Mahaba school

It is time to act

Help us to educate the poor children of Egypt and change their future by giving them the keys to choose. School education and language learning are a social lift here. By speaking Arabic, English and French, each child will be able to find a job more easily or at least follow courses that are often taught in English. So support as many Egyptian children as possible.

Project in pictures

Project initiator

Marleen Soliman
Director of the school
of Ezbet El-Nakhl

My life is full of dreams. I dream that the students will continue their studies. I dream that some will get scholarships. I dream that SOS Chrétiens d’Orient will help them to do so.