Rebuild 33 shops in Aleppo


After more than 10 years of civil war, Syria is battered. Bombs have ravaged the landscape and the survivors, on one knee, are trying as best they can to get back on their feet when a new war breaks out!

A war that doesn’t make the headlines in the Western press, a war that doesn’t destroy buildings, but a war that suffocates you every minute. The economic crisis that Syria is currently going through, mainly due to the terrible economic sanctions imposed by the West, puts many people out of work every day.

The UN recently spoke of 80% of the population living below the poverty line. It is in this context that SOS Chrétiens d’Orient has decided to finance the reconstruction of 33 shops in the industrial zone of Aleppo in order to give work to 33 unemployed fathers of families.

Key figures
3 month of work
64 workers hired
50 tonnes of rubble to be cleared


In the industrial zone of Aleppo, there is not a single piece of landscape that does not bear witness to the violence of the confrontations that took place in the region during the war. The ten years of conflict and the occupation of the suburbs by armed terrorist groups left no chance for the craftsmen and traders who were forced into exile.

“Exile”, behind this word, different realities and personal stories, but with a common meaning: the abandonment of a life’s work, the sudden loss of years of financial and sentimental investment. Owners of car garages, repair shops or spare parts shops, these victims of the Syrian tragedy were all actively contributing to the flourishing economy of the city of Aleppo before the war.

Today, they are unemployed and under the effect of a vertiginous inflation and the collapse of purchasing power, they are no longer able to provide for the vital needs of their families.

So that the sweat of their brow has not counted for nothing, so that exile is only a sad parenthesis and not a destiny, but above all so that their suffering is not forgotten, it is now time to help them rebuild the businesses that used to support them.

Vos dons en action

With 8,75€, you buy 1m² of tiles

With 500€, you buy a metal curtain

Renovating a shop costs €2418


Plunged into a never-ending recession and suffocated by economic sanctions that prevent any attempt at recovery, Syria is going through an unprecedented crisis whose first victims are the middle and lower classes.

By making a donation, you will help these desperate fathers get back to work.

Project beneficiary

Merchant of Aleppo

Thanks to SOS Chrétiens d’Orient, a new life is beginning. Every time I went to see my destroyed shop I was depressed, now when I see it I am full of hope.