The safety of volunteers: our priority

EN - Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Every volunteer is trained and aware of the situation in the Middle East and is also aware of his own responsibility for his security. At every moment, the heads of mission of SOS Chrétiens d’Orient accompany the volunteers, supervising them and reacting immediately in case of a problem. Note that of 1700 volunteers who have served over 4 years, there has not been one serious incident in the field. The association employs a permanent head of security who works from Paris each day who oversees all the operations, improving procedures as needed and following our volunteers in the field.

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient recruits and provides ongoing training to its heads of mission on security issues. The heads of mission are then the primary trainers of our volunteers, offering instruction to each volunteer on their team (road safety principals, first aid, fire safety, evacuation plans. ...... ).

The heads of mission, under the responsibility of the Director of Operations, work together to create appropriate safety plans of their mission and their antennas. These security plans and procedures are implemented accordingly. In order to do this, they have employed the support of several companies mandated by SOS Chrétiens d’Orient in the field to conduct security audits, crisis management, security of computer networks, destruction of sensitive data......Note that each of our volunteers is insured specifically by a company specialized in countries at risk.

In addition, we ask all our volunteers declare their travel to the ministry of foreign affairs. SOS Chrétiens d’Orient maintains links with French diplomatic representations in our mission countries in order to best benefit from the protection offered by France to its French nationals.