Under the white tent of the Saiyar Centre of Abu Romaneh, echo the voices of the homeless children. The phenomenon of homelessness has increased since the beginning of the war in Damascus and the number of young people who are drug-addicted, or who have become prostitutes or thieves to survive has increased alarmingly. The first time I met them, their big eyes under their dirty unkempt hair stared back at me. Their hands clapped mine with unconscious violence to welcome me.

Samia Blablabma, co-founder of Saiyar

We meet many children who beg on the streets, because of the war, because of the crisis we live in Syria.

Four years ago, we decided to work with these children, who no one wants to approach. They're illiterate, they can't read or write.

Several times a week, volunteers in Damascus join the volunteers of the Syrian association Saiyar founded four years ago. Here, French and Syrian have the common goal of offering these child-beggars an fleeting escape thanks to playful and sporting activities. Pottery, civic activities, some informal lessons, quiet ball games, dance and crafts, the program has been tailor-made specifically to meet the needs for these street children who seek to carve out an existence in a violent world, which they are not old enough to choose of their own accord, it has been thrust upon them by years of war.

"We are here to give back to these street children a little of the childhood innocence which they never had. We play with them and offer them an alternative to the street through games, education, tenderness, and we try through playful activities to awaken their conscience and hearts to life. Sometimes some of them stop coming because they are needed elsewhere...to work. Sometimes the police take them. We have to wait a few days before seeing them reappear again. For us, volunteers, it’s something we just deal with it."

Testify Pierre-Antoine, volunteer of SOS Chrétiens d’Orient.

By making a donation, you will allow the volunteers of the association in Syria to ensure a permanent presence with children on the streets of Damascus.



Volunteering is a commitment for a defined period. The volunteer is committed to a mission to serve others. To volunteer at SOS Chrétiens d’Orient you must:

- be older than 18 years old

- stay for a minimum for 1 month

- being in good physical shape

- have parental agreement for a possible departure

"I ask you to be revolutionary. Have the courage to go to counter-current. And also have the courage to be happy!" Pope Francis, July 28, speech to the volunteers of the WYD, Rio de Janeiro.

"I ask you to be revolutionaries. Have the courage to go against the grain. And have the courage to be happy!"

Pope Francis,

July 28, speech to WYD volunteers, Rio de Janeiro.