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Between August and November 2014, upon the arrival of Daesh, a large number of Iraqi Christians fled to Jordan from their homes in the Ninevah Plains in Iraq. Unfortunately, since that time the flow of refugees has not stopped and at the Syrian border there exists today a refugee camp which is considered the fourth city of Jordan. This poses considerable challenges and exerts much economic and social pressure on the entire country. Today, the Hashemite Kingdom has arrived at its maximum capacity as attested by King Abdullah II to the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.

In April 2015, SOS Chrétiens d'Orient conducted a research mission into the situation for refugees in Jordan and as a result of the urgent needs that were identified a mission was launched on 1 August 2015 with a small team.

To date, Jordan has taken in 12,300 Iraqi Christian refugees, most of whom live in abandoned apartments with little or no furniture. They have lost their lands, their homes and sometimes members of their families. Even if they are already receiving aid, these refugees who located in the districts of the capital (Marqa, Ashrafiah, Al Hashimi, etc.) have pressing wants to which SOS Chrétiens d'Orient responds.

Volunteers visit the most isolated families on a daily basis, to help to their daily quest the necessities of life, for food and for healthcare. We make activities for all ages which helps to alleviate the daily toil of life as a refugee. Volunteers organise activities and schooling for children and work to create various activities for adults: cooking courses, French courses, games of society, gardening...

Since 2015, 169 volunteers have been involved in the four Jordanian branches. More than one thousand families have been evaluated since the mission was opened and three SOS coffee shops have been created. Each week these coffee shops allow the young and old to meet for a few hours of relaxation, to chat socially together, to play card games and dominoes all around a traditional cup of tea, a coffee or a fruit juice.

SOS Chrétiens d'Orient has also invested in the economic development of the last Christian village of Jordan, Smakieh, by building a water purification station, a cheese-making unit and a hairdressing salon. The organization also finances pig breeding and fencing for olive fields.

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For more than seven years, Iraq and Syria have plunged into the darkness of fanaticism. Its inhabitants, mostly Christians, fled their villages, seeing themselves forced to find refuge in...

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For more than seven years, Iraq and Syria have plunged into the darkness of fanaticism. Its inhabitants, mostly Christians, fled their villages, seeing themselves forced to find refuge in Lebanon or Jordan to escape terror, persecution and humiliation.

In the face of this humanitarian and migration disaster, huge food aid and medical equipment must be provided to these families of Christian refugees.


Children’s education, our priority

The school carries the seeds of christian communities’ future, but today the school situation is often critical for young Iraqi refugees who do not have access to the Jordanian government school system and whose parents cannot afford registration in schools of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Forced non-enrolment is a very common achievement.

What future is promised to these young people without school whose parents have fled the country with only resources insufficient meager savings? Education is one of the priorities of the eastern christian communities and of our association.