A little Christian enclave in the North-East of the Bekaa plain, the Lebanese village of Jabboulé counts three hundred inhabitants and is located in a semi-arid, rural and agricultural region where cultivatable lands are not irrigated enough to be properly exploited.

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient is committed to financing the drilling of a 30-meter-deep well, providing irrigation systems sufficient to water the Christian agricultural lands of Jabboulé. Affected by a disastrous economic situation, the young people of the village are struggling to find work and to feed their families and the elders of this region are sadly well known for this news.

The neighbouring Greek-Catholic Village of Al Qaa has recently been affected by a series of suicide attacks. The future of all these young people is uncertain in these localities which are more and more abandoned over the years.

Here, over 300 Christian families have already left their land.

Father Nasrallah

Agricultural work is the best way to ensure income for families and young people in the village, encouraging them not to flee the village because of unemployment.

From his Christian ' cubbyhole ', SOS Chrétiens d’Orient responded to the call of Father Jean Nasrallah, the priest of St. George's parish in Jdeidé-Jabboulé. He welcomed the volunteers and showed them the arid lands surrounding his parish.

The rare fruit trees in these parts may at any time die from heat: they suffer a considerable lack in water. As it is more than 50 meters below the surface of the earth, farmers, because they have no money, can not obtain the equipment necessary for the drilling and maintenance of the well. However, the first source of income and work for the villagers is agriculture.

Our intervention helps to finance the drilling work, the purchase of equipment (pump, pipes, valves and generator), the creation of an irrigation pond, the interconnection to public electricity and the construction of a building to protect the generator from bad weather and vandalism. The installation now allows for the irrigation of 370 hectares of farmland surrounding the village. This agricultural work provides an income insurance for families and young people in the village.

In order to complete the operation "A Well for Christians in Bekaa", the association has collected over $35,175.



Volunteering is a commitment for a defined period. The volunteer is committed to a mission to serve others. To volunteer at SOS Chrétiens d’Orient you must:

- be older than 18 years old

- stay for a minimum for 1 month

- being in good physical shape

- have parental agreement for a possible departure

"I ask you to be revolutionary. Have the courage to go to counter-current. And also have the courage to be happy!" Pope Francis, July 28, speech to the volunteers of the WYD, Rio de Janeiro.

"I ask you to be revolutionaries. Have the courage to go against the grain. And have the courage to be happy!"

Pope Francis,

July 28, speech to WYD volunteers, Rio de Janeiro.