A little piece of music in the middle of the waste.

EN - Friday, 05 July 2019

As usual, this Tuesday, Shenouda is at the school of Marlene. Today, he looks forward to the volunteers, in white t-shirts, he loves so much. They are finally here, arms full, faces smiling and eager to reveal what they brought to the children delighted to see them again. The first package is open: it's a piano!

In February, volunteers in the slum of Ezbet E-Nakhl took the initiative to restore an old storeroom at the school of Marlene to turn it into a music room. For two months, they emptied, cleaned and repainted it. Once the work was completed, all that was missing was an essential element: musical instruments!

The volunteers get on with the job. They donated a total of eight musical instruments: a piano, two guitars, three flutes, a xylophone and a tam-tam. The installation of musical instruments in the small school of Marlène is a chance for the children, living in bad conditions, to escape their daily lives and why not to find a talent.

In parallel with this project, the children of the school of Marlene were introduced to music through workshops offered by the volunteers. Several times a week, the songs of the choir of "little hearts of Ezbet" resounded on the roof of the slum, where the Franco-Egyptian singer and musician, Bishoy Awad, had come to visit them. Today, the only thing missing is a music teacher for these children who are eager to learn.

"Music deserves to be the second compulsory language of all schools in the world." Thanks to your donations, music is the second language in the school of Marlène in the slum of Ezbet el Nakhl.

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