A day of games between good friends at Matarya

EN - Thursday, 16 May 2019

This May 11th, the volunteers organised a lunch and a donation to eight friends of the happiness house of Matarya, a district of Cairo near the slum of Ezbet el Nakhl.

“With arms full of gifts and cakes, we arrived at Matarya to the great delight of the ladies who live there and who greeted us with their big smiles. But those faces, although delighted by our arrival, hide lives which have been tried by many trials, tragedies and suffering. Women from extreme poverty, women often beaten in their past, widows….

Today, thanks to the Sisters of the Congregation of the Daughters of Mary, these women have found again a safe place and a feeling of security which they had lost. At the convent there is a warm, familial atmosphere thanks to the precious aid of the devoted sisters who care for the residents.”

But even if life has improved, the work to be done is far from over. The presence of volunteers brings smiles and laughter. At every meeting, there is a lovely atmosphere thanks to the interactions, conversations and games shared. Aida punches the table when she wins the game of dominoes, Mona asks a thousand questions about the dishes prepared for lunch. Marion go back and forth to the kitchen three hundred times to check the preparation of the meal and the progress of the domino game, Claire supervises the games to avoid cheating, and the new volunteer tries to understand what her neighbor tells her …

The volunteers and women of Matarya wouldn’t miss these beautiful moments of joy for anything, these moments that break painful memories.

In addition to these daily activities, the association makes regular donations at Sister Kana’s request. “Some time ago, she asked us to change the oven in the kitchen at the house in Matarya because it risked exploding.”

“Our mission here is simple: to communicate our joy, to share our dreams and to create common memories that will stay carved in the hearts of our friends at this happiness house.”

Thank you for allowing us to live these special and unforgettable moments.

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