In Mhardeh, Christians resist and die in the international indifference.

EN - Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Idlib. All the media talk about it. It is war, with its procession of blood, guilty and innocent lives that will certainly perish.

For years, it lives with the neighbourhood of Islamists of all countries that assassinate women, children and fathers of families. At the entrance of the village, the tree, which holds the photographs of the martyrs, bends under the weight of these victims. Every time we pass in front of this symbol, we have a feeling of impotence, of consternation. Despite the mobilization of all our teams, the media speaks little of Mhardeh, otherwise they would have to assert clearly that the inhabitants are targeted because they are Christians and that they refuse to abandon their faith for Islamists. Who knows, maybe some died by the hand of a French citizen who went to fight in the ranks of jihadist factions?

Can one even comprehend the pain of these Christians?! Fighters who live in France, who live in the country of the Church's elder daughter, kill Christians with bullets, mortars, rockets. We don't have the right to stay indifferent. We must build where hate destroys, bandage the wounds of the faithful who painfully evoke the stigmata of Christ.

By giving to this campaign you allow these villagers to know that the Christians of France stand with them against the bad intentions of faith, which negotiates a ceasefire but closes their eyes in front of the deaths of these Christians.

By your donations, you stand alongside widows and orphans, those who scream their distress and wait for SOS Chrétiens d’Orient to support them in the middle of the fire and tears.

Donate to this campaign for Mhardeh. We ask you from the bottom of the heart, let us not let the Islamist barbarism destroy an additional Christian city in the lands of the first Christians.


Charles de Meyer

President of SOS Chrétiens d’Orient.