Help the Virgin and Child and the Forgotten Manuscripts!

EN - Thursday, 07 March 2019

It has been a week since these three special volunteers arrived. A little intrigued we saw them with their suitcases full of tools. Some filled with brushes, varnish and a very specific iron; others with a large sewing frame and scalpels.

Thus equipped, these adventurers have joined the SOS Chrétiens d’Orient team in Iraq to help our Brothers rebuild the traces of their past, to restore manuscripts and paintings!

And this morning, all the volunteers will discover their work!  What excitement! After all these discussions around "The Virgin and Child" and the manuscripts, so dear to Bishop Najeeb's heart, we will finally see the workshop and its treasures.

We start by visiting the "Centre Numérique des Manuscrits Orientaux". All these books, in more or less good condition, were saved by Bishop Najeeb during the attack on Mosul by Daesh. The entire Dominican library has found refuge and care at the CNMO. Ségolène, who left her studio in Paris, explains how she proceeds to archive each manuscript.  Because it's not enough to store them, you still have to be able to find them!

Then, as they bound up the stairs, the joy of the volunteers rises!  We enter the floor which has been financed by the association where three craftsmen have set up their workshop. A sweet smell welcomes us, that of solvents!! But behind this strong odor lies the concentration and patience shown by these three volunteers in the service of the heritage of Eastern Christians!

Osanne and Sophie share their know-how with us. And our ears begin to ring to the sound of this beautiful melody. Nothing is more beautiful than passionate volunteers, leaving their workshops in France for a few weeks to put their talents to work for the mission. Then Ségolène offers us a demonstration. A manuscript, with its pages spread on the table, will find a second youth with expert hands to lovingly restore its pages.

If you too have a particular talent, a particular know-how, join us on a mission to help rebuild the heritage of the Middle East!

Eastern Christians need you, become volunteers ? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.