Feast of Saint Nicholas, protector of children

EN - Friday, 06 December 2019
On 6 December, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Nicholas, the wonder maker, Archbishop of Myre in the 4th century!
Most famous for his miraculous legends, Saint Nicholas is, with Saint George, one of the most cherished saints of the Christian people, both in the East and in the West.
Regarded as the ancestor of Santa Claus, all dressed in red, proudly riding his white steed, he surveys school yards to distribute sweets to wise schoolchildren (Gingerbread and oranges).
But the St. Nicholas, the real one... who is he?
Very early, without flaunting, Nicholas distributes his property to the needy and commits to the practice of fasting. In return, God made him shine in front of men by his charisma and his miracles.
For many years the Holy Bishop was, for his flock, as a presence of Christ, the friend of men and a good shepherd, there was no misfortune he didn't sympathize with, no injustice he did not redress, no discord he didn’t try to calm. He distinguished himself wherever he was by his bright face and the radiant atmosphere of peace that emerged from his person.
Countless are the churches dedicated to him, the faithful who bear his name and the places that have taken his name. Particularly revered by the Russian as the protector of crops, he is considered in the west as the patron of children and schoolchildren, because, according to legend, he saved three children from being chopped up by a cruel butcher who wanted to drag them into his pâté!