I am a ragpicker child in Cairo ( 1/4)

EN - Thursday, 03 January 2019

Merola is not on the street, she has an amazing chance. Every morning Merola’s father dropped his brother at Marlene’s school and her little 4-year-old daughter in the nursery to learn and play. When we she first arrived, she could barely write A or B. In a few months, she has speedily progressed, and she is now one of the best students in the kindergarten. She spends the morning in the KG named Saint Philomena in Ezbeth el Nakhl, in the heart of the rubbish center close to where the volunteers live. Like her, many children in this area attend the morning nursery while their parents work. The difference between this nursery and those in Europe is that they have just few toys to play with or notebooks to write in. At least, they are lucky enough to be able to stay in the nursery, as in the same street many children have to watch their parents working among the rubbish until they are old enough (6 or 7 years) to work with them.

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient has made several donations to this nursery to enable the children to have good materials and toys. But most of all, children spend time with the volunteers twice a week who help them by teaching them new English words and how to write and to read, depending on their ages. It is not always easy given the poor conditions. For instance, on the street where the nursery is located are donkeys, horses, rubbish and even rats! Yet, the volunteers are satisfied to be the witness of the development of the children. Most of all, these children are very excited and full of joy each time the volunteers come to the nursery. In return, volunteers also enjoy spending time with them, as they get to have some minutes to play and sing nursery songs together. These children are the future of Egypt.

Pray for them and make a donation if you can afford it: