Egypt - Drained of energy and reinvigorated by the orphans of Abbesseya.

EN - Friday, 12 February 2021

Here we tell you the story of a famous gang of boys. Egyptians without parent, or at least welcomed by the Sisters, as families lack the means to provide for them, they are about fifteen years old. A beautiful bunch of little men to discover and cherish because, affection and energy, we assure you, they have to sell!

In the neighborhood of Abbesseya in Cairo, between a Coptic church and a cuddle shop, we discover the orphanage behind a large wrought iron door. The bright and always faithful smile of the Sister welcomes us when the doorbell with the chirping melody sounds. Quick, quick, our little guys to us, while crying out ′′zayek′′ (How are you?), or ′′Esmake′′ (what's your name? ) not forgetting the infallible "high five". Obvisouly, they don't fail to put all their strength in it.

We discover the orphanage's tidy and clean rooms and hallways preparing from a storm to come... The absence of a garden or large park to vent does not prevent our little energy balls to live their life as a 10 year old. Still, while some go get the tables to study, others start climbing us by surprise like real ouistitis. We've never seen such stuntmen. Is it their young age or joy that uninhibits them from danger? Mystery, in any case Louis will act as a very good tree to throw themselves at!

sos chretiens orient egypte cours de francais volontaires orphelins abbassyaIn the agenda today, French courses followed by a small game, the UNO is often the one they set their sights on. In French, we teach basic notions so that they can communicate: presentation, body parts, days of the week, clothes, emotions or fruits and vegetables. It's difficult to channel them but what a surprise to see so much enthusiasm to learn a language.

The ′′older′′ prefer to write in French in their notebook. The little ones envy their big brothers and then ask for our attention to try to speak in French. Their perseverance however has some limits... And, from the corner of the eye we see one who dives his hand into the aquarium to catch a fish while another climb the closet to reach the ceiling and another little brother has a big guilty smile: his hands are full of cheese chips! Well, we'll be offering them a course on eating healthy...

sos chretiens orient egypte cours de francais volontaires abbassyaBe sure that by throwing yourself into the den of lion cubs of Abbasseya, you come out a little more touched. Behind their faces of little kingpinds, they are real angels, starting with Jacob, the oldest of the band that represents a fatherly and authority figure among the Sisters administering the orphanage. He is a valuable help to us; by his rigor and motivation, he leads the example to his brothers and above all speaks Shakespeare's language very well when communication is difficult.

There's also little Mickael, who gives us a hard time sneaking everywhere and especially through our legs. One day he puts on Louis's sweater, another he steals my bag... But he knows how to make it up to us when he gives us his big angelic smile.

Finally, there is Moheb who knows how to touch us: he moves by our side to dive his penetrating look into ours in order to tender our soul. His face then lit up and lets discover shy dimples, he won't let go until class is over.

You will have understand it, although we are exhausted by this haven filled with life, we are each time more motivated to come back to help them. Of course, they will have to understand that they have to stop erasing our Velleda board but above all that they do not lose the vivacity that characterizes them so much and makes us feel alive in their contact. So when the time rings to quietly go back to Uber home and take care of everyday tasks (′′Pierre-Marie, dishes please!′′) we are experiencing this curious paradox. We are drained of energy but reinvigorated by these little faces that clutch on us and don't want to let us go.

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Julie, volunteer in Egypt.