SOS Chrétiens d'Orient calls for international cooperation in the fight against jihadism.

EN - Friday, 30 October 2020

SOS Chrétiens d'Orient mourns with the families affected by the barbaric attack that took place in Nice. We address to the Catholics of the city all our solidarity in the face of the unspeakable violence that has just been done to them.

We note with dismay the latitude left to the Islamists in our country. The multiplication of their bloody assaults obviously does not correspond to isolated madness but a permissive and naive consensus that confines to non-assistance to the Nation in danger. Terrorism is the fruit of an Islamism that the Institutions let express itself with far too much ease.

Unfortunately, we see that recent choices of many governments to ally themselves with radical factions in the Middle East have had the consequence of radicalizing the Islamist communities present on national soil. We express the wish for a more active cooperation of the French state with States accustomed to fighting jihadism.

As Catholics, we call for prayer and recall the ancestral faith associated with All Saints' Day. We are committed to converting our lives to resemble the saints in the perfection of the Lord's love. We emphasize that those of the dead murdered by their executioners because of their faith are martyrs whose death must generate a spiritual and civic awakening necessary to finally break the grip of Islamism in our country.

We call on the State to restore the place of Catholicism as the inspiration for the essential help needed to lead this struggle. Father Hamel, the faith of Arnaud Beltrame and the martyrs of Nice call us and draw a path to fight against the diabolical violence that is descending upon our country.

We call to pray for the victims, for France and for its leaders to take the measure of the barbaric instincts that have been murdering cruelly and disturbingly hundreds of French people for years, reminding us of the fate of Eastern Christians.