Aleppo - Heal wounds with music

EN - Sunday, 02 August 2020

800 € is needed to finance a month of music classes at the SOS center in Aleppo. Support these tried children.

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In the center of SOS Chrétiens d'Orient in Aleppo, music is a cure for the war. After years of violent clashes, the Aleppins resume an almost habitual rhythm of life.

We are in Aleppo on July 24, 2020. At 11am, the sun is already at its zenith while an unusual heat wave hits the Middle East. This week, the temperature would reach 43 degrees in Aleppo.

Despite the heat, children invade this morning the cultural center of SOS Chrétiens d'Orient located in the Christian district of Al-Suleimaniah. Only one goal animates them: play music! This universal language comprehensible in the four corners of the world, a cure for souls and especially for the souls of Syrians shattered by nine years of inexorable war. “Music is essential to life,” says Davide Melconian, a 32-year-old Syrian violin teacher originally from Armenia. “We have suffered a violent war. At the SOS Chrétiens d’Orient centre, children find a haven of peace. Here we forget the political and economic difficulties.”

SOS CHretiens Orient musique classeThis musical and cultural project is led by the association in cooperation with the best music teachers of Aleppo. For the past 3 years, the centre has allowed 77 children aged 10 to 17 to take violin, flute, piano, cello, guitar and organ lessons. In a context of economic and health crisis, these free courses are a boon for these young people. "This project is extraordinary for them! You are well aware of the economic sanctions imposed on Syria, recently crowned by the Caesar Law. The cost of living is now too high and prevents parents from enrolling their children in extra-curricular activities. Thanks to SOS Chrétiens d'Orient's donors, these children can learn music in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.”

Each week, 154 hours of music are given in the classes of this center: one hour of solfege followed by an hour of individual or collective training. Upon arrival, the children are received by Rana, responsible for the educational and cultural program. "Here, we offer music education classes and give these young people a living environment by initiating a real relationship between the student and his teacher.”

The course begins. The teachers explain to the children the music notes, keys and solfege “Re, Re, La, La, Fa, Sooool…” “Music is above all the art of combining sounds and durations. But behind this art, there is also a science,” a teacher explains to a particularly studious young student.

Antonie Igo is a young teenager of 13 years, apprentice violinist. His young age does not allow him to understand all the geopolitical issues of the war he is going through, but he knows that life is not always beautiful. How could it be otherwise for someone who has only known violence?

And yet, during his music classes, he exults! Here, every week, he is like all the children of the world: a child!

The sounds that emerge from the classrooms are a bit cacophonic and the children make a lot of mistakes. But a few months of training work miracles with our trainee-musicians. The melodies soften and the fingering becomes clearer. Everyone progresses under the watchful eye of a competent teacher.


Thanks to your donations, 77 children each week take music lessons taught by professionals in the sector. Thanks to you, these children momentarily forget war, hunger, the coronavirus!

800 € is needed to finance a month of music classes at the SOS center in Aleppo. Support these tried children.


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