A symphony of color, a ballet of light in Maalula.

EN - Monday, 28 October 2019

In Maaloula, Christians have been celebrating the tradition of the Feast of the cross for centuries. In 2019, I was there and here is what I saw.

The sun sets over the small village. One by one, the tires mounted on the top of the mountains are ignited. Fireworks illuminate the sky while the tracer bullets of the Kalashnikovs streak across the night sky.

In turn, the suns of fire enter the dance. Children, teenagers and adults, everyone wants to show their dexterity: the sparks jump from one side to the other forming magnificent circles that surround the crosses with a halo proudly erected at the top of the mountain.

#1 The Cross of Maalula.


Bernard Laflèche, (aka Chandler Ferbeal) former volunteer in Syria, is a travel blogger. This second episode presents the mission he carried out in Syria in September 2019 with the association SOS Chrétiens d’Orient.