The Turkish offensive : a humanitarian disaster for civilians.

EN - Friday, 25 October 2019

Support the displaced Syrian families in the Jézireh.

In The North-East of Syria, the Turkish offensive brings in its wake a humanitarian crisis whose scale is still difficult to estimate. Between 30.0000 and 50.000 Syrian civilians* are said to have already flee the Turkish forces to take refuge in Iraq. One counts as many displaced Syrian in Hassaké, a city spared from the fighting, located a hundred kilometers south of the Turkish border,

They took away everything they had because they know it, they might never come back. “They bomb civilians, women and children, leaving no one behind,” explains a Kurdish out of the window of his vehicle.

If Ankara (Turkey) announced on Wednesday 23 October the end of its offensive, the civilians are not out of the woods. In fact, fighting has not stopped everywhere.

sos chretiens orient syrie turquie offensive source de paix crise humanitaire

While Turkey is accused of using white phosphorous, known to cause severe skin burns, civilians continue to flee their homes and wander along the roads in search of shelter. In the border town of Ras Al-Aïn, Turkish soldiers continue to loot houses. In the villages of Managir and Tal-Attash, a rain of bombs continue to fall on Kurdish forces but also on civilians.

If in Tal Tamr, the hospitals are invaded by burned and amputated civilians, in Tal Abyad, the injured and caregivers had to be evacuated.

The climate is all the more tense as hundreds of jihadists have escaped from twelve detention centres in the North-East of Syria.


Alerted by the emergency situation, both the Syrian and the Iraq side, SOS Chrétiens d’Orient is setting up an emergency action plan.

sos chretiens orient offensive kurde alexandre goodarzy

Alexandre Goodarzy, head of mission in Syria, is still waiting to go to the Jézireh and help the Syrian displaced from Hassake and especially the Christian families of Qamishli.

"It's dangerous. Not only is the area where I plan to go to it is risky but the road to access it too. If I succeed in going to Jézireh despite all these risks, what will it be for if I am empty-handed? I have to load my vans with as much equipment as possible before leaving."

His goal is to distribute, as soon as possible, food and hygiene packages as well as hundreds of litres of oil for winter heating.

From all over the world, with a simple gesture, you can actually act to help them. In the face of the Turkish offensive, let us answer with charity. Hate will not help Syrian families in the prey of a new exile. Be sure that, in the emergency, every euro counts.

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* according to a Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)