After an exile of almost a thousand days, the Christians of the Nineveh Plains began to return to their homes. This return marks a new step in the history of this community of Iraq. In just a matter of days, over one hundred families returned to Teleskuf, to their village and to their homes...thanks to you.

Miss Atto

We're tired of talking about the past, we're tired of reliving it. Let's talk now about the present and the future, especially the future! Here we all have the same dream: to have a house, a job, a normal life.

But without water, our life will never be normal. Without water, the inhabitants of Teleskuf will not and cannot return and if everyone leaves, then who will stay? What will be left of us on the earth of our ancestors? What will be left of Teleskuf?

After two and a half years in exile, displaced Christian families finally believe they can attempt a return home. Teleskuf is battered and bruised, marked by the intense fighting as the forces of the Islamic State Organization fought both the Iraqi army and the Kurdish Army in a series of deadly battles for possession of this town. In spite the war wounds inflicted upon it, this Christian village is finally ready to welcome the return of its inhabitants.


These families defy the past and are determined to turn the page on the last painful years. But what is the future for these families? We are forced to look further, to understand what will happen after their resettlement.

A major problem is that of access to drinking water. Violent clashes have destroyed roads and water tanks have been poisoned by toxic substances. There are four wells outside the city which could provide water to the village, but the cost is so exorbitant it is prohibitive and not a workable solution.


SOS Chrétiens d’Orient has undertaken to provide each family with filter system worth 70 euros per unit, or 7000 euros for the one hundred families who want to return in the future. The situation is urgent as without this guarantee of water, families will not want to return, however, if water tanks are guaranteed these families can then really begin to believe that this first step towards return can be a reality. Many families have returned thanks to your help and in the future can follow them.


Thanks to your generosity, you have made their hope a reality: it is not 100 but finally 420 filters that have been distributed to families. Many families have been given two filters.



Volunteering is a commitment for a defined period. The volunteer is committed to a mission to serve others. To volunteer at SOS Chrétiens d’Orient you must:

- be older than 18 years old

- stay for a minimum for 1 month

- being in good physical shape

- have parental agreement for a possible departure

"I ask you to be revolutionary. Have the courage to go to counter-current. And also have the courage to be happy!" Pope Francis, July 28, speech to the volunteers of the WYD, Rio de Janeiro.

"I ask you to be revolutionaries. Have the courage to go against the grain. And have the courage to be happy!"

Pope Francis,

July 28, speech to WYD volunteers, Rio de Janeiro.